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  • How To Clean Laminated Floors

    By cooldude | April 28, 2014

    Clean Laminated FloorsLaminated floors are popular given their glossy hardwood-like outlook. These floors are excellent for contemporary décor, assuring a smart and stylish setting for your home. However, you must know that laminated floors can’t be refinished akin to the wooden one and hence it’s needed that you stay serious with its cleaning. The good bit is that laminated floors are really easy to clean up.

    Usual cleaning

    You must sweep the floor everyday to get rid of daily dust deposition. Vacuuming once or twice a week is necessary as well for a thorough cleaning right up to the hard-to-reach corners. The spills must be wiped out immediately. Homemade cleaning solutions should be used as well, once or twice a month. One of the good homemade solutions for laminated floors can be made with water, vinegar & rubbing alcohol, all mixed in equal proportions. Mix all the 3 in 1/3 of a tea-cup proportion and pour 3 drops of your liquid dishwasher into the solution. Now mop the floor with the solution for a comprehensive cleaning.

    Spot cleaning

    There are different ways to remove various spots from a laminated floor. The good bit is that laminated flooring don’t get stained easily and blow are the remedies for tough stains especially.

    Food and sauces – If you have got nasty food spots on your laminated flooring, get your window cleaner to do the job. Use a damp rag while rubbing the cleaner on the stain & follow up with wiping by a clean dry cloth.

    Tar and grease- Use mineral spirits to get rid of the stubborn tar & grease stains from your stylish laminated flooring.

    Crayon and ink- Rubbing alcohol would be the most helpful to remove the crayon and ink marks playfully spread on the floor by the little one in your family.

    Shoe polish & nail polish- Rubbing alcohol can also be used for removing stains from nail polish & shoe polish from a laminated floor.

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    Cheap Renovation Tip to Curb Appeal to Your Home

    By M H | February 19, 2014

    Home renovationAre you looking for tip which can enrich your home without making you poor? Is it because you want to sell or for your own comfort? Whatever the reason is it’s definitely wish of every homeowner to improve the condition of their house without emptying their pockets on a heavy base. We have fetched some of the effective and impressive strategies which can pull over your attention to implement them and get benefitted from them. However the actual cost is different from house to house depending on the condition of your home and the real estate rate in your area.
    1) Make your kitchen really cook
    You believe it or not but kitchen is the heart of whole house. Kitchen is given a different significance so keep it updated and clean. By spending few hundred dollars you can replace cabinet doors, faucets, handles and such other things. You can also make it look more elegant by updating the old lighting with the new one and making your kitchen more bright and energy efficient. If you are tight on your budget then instead of replacing your cabinets you can go for a little makeover on them. You can remove the cabinet doors and drawers, add a fresh coat of paint over them and they will look like new again. You can do it yourself that can save you expense and it really is cheap renovation idea.
    2) Give your appliances a facelift
    If the appliances of your kitchen don’t match up then replace them with the matching one. Order for new doors and face panels. A mix match kitchen is a subject matter of bothering when it is put to sale. If your kitchen is white colored and your appliances are of different color it really is a mismatch thing which don’t look great and need to be remodeled. A well blend of colors makes a good impact on the mind of buyers.
    3) Buff up your bath
    After the kitchen, bathroom is the most important part of the home to be taken care of. They can really be updated with certain minor and cheap changes and add a good impact on the buyers mind. Simple changes like a new and trendy toilet seat and pedestal sink are really easy for the homeowners to install and it adds a great contribution in the looks of the bathroom. If your bathroom floor is old and discolored then replacing it with a vinyl tiles or piece of sheet vinyl would be a significant change and good updating to your bathroom. It can vastly change the looks of your bathroom. This floor change doesn’t even need to remove the old one and then replacing new one. You can easily apply the new floor right over your old floor without the hassle of removing the old one. If your shower and tub are looking old and dingy then you can replace it with the chipped tiles. It may need the help of professional but it would still be cheaper than paying for retiling the wall.

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    How to Become an Efficient Landlord?

    By cooldude | February 6, 2014

    Efficient LandlordBecoming a landlord does not ask you to be an old person and neither do you require tons of money to become one. One good way to create wealth is by investing in real estate. The best thing is you will not have to invest a single penny. You will be taking a loan from the bank to buy a property and then with the tenant’s money you will pay back the money to the bank. In order to become an efficient landlord here are some of the tips which you need to follow:

    • Subsidizing any kind of shortfall between mortgage repayment and rental income has to be afforded by you. There are times you will have to pay commercial taxes, commercial rates, and also make allowances for vacancy periods. This money will not be given by the bank. So you need to have proper allowances for each of these heads. For accurate calculation of the above mentioned points you may take the help of homeowners association, real estate agents or the local chamber of commerce.
    • The rental agreements that you make with the tenant should have a provision which would include the escalation in the rent on an annual basis which if not agreed may be a breach in the contract. Moreover the income which you get from the first property will help to qualify for another mortgage if you are interested to buy a second property.
    • Doing a research is necessary if you want to become a landlord. It is always wise to buy and rent a property in a place where the rental demand is high. This can be done by going through the real estate journals. You can also check on the internet about the areas that have a high demand for properties.

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    Property investments in military areas

    By cooldude | December 26, 2013

    Property investments in military areasIf you are thinking of long term investments, a new and innovative but extremely beneficial investing option is fast becoming popular. This would be investing in military housing. There are a number of great reasons on why you should go for investments in military areas.

    • Unexpectedly low rates: The rates at which military properties are available now are at an all time low compared to the market. Investing in it now can only be beneficial for you since it will reduce your monthly outlay, which would consequently result in more money in your pocket in the long run.
    • Balancing prices: The massive price drop that started two years ago is almost gone now. The price that you now get on an investment is likely to be low. Buying low now provides you with the opportunity of building equity faster in the future.
    • Demand for rentals: For many families that have members in the military, living off base is the ideal thing. They also do not plan to buy a house if they are early in their careers. And there pretty much always stays a great demand for good houses, apartments and duplexes near military bases. If you happen to invest in them, you get the benefits of strong rental pool and consequently low vacancy rates.
    • Military people are good tenants: Having military families as your tenants makes financial sense. These include referrals, housing allowances, low vacancy rates and also military privileges that out of goodwill the family would provide you with. Military people take pride in the place they live in; this ensures that your property is in safe hands and will be well taken care of.

    These are just a few reasons of many on why you should invest in military housing areas although the final decision is yours as to where to invest the money.

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    Advantages of home inspection before property purchase

    By cooldude | November 21, 2013

    home inspectionHome inspection happens to be a vital chore in your residence. Even if you wish you cannot choose to ignore this specific concern in any way.

    • You get to know the value of the property in the market- One of the biggest advantages of home inspection before property purchase is that you get to know the value of the property in the market.
    • You get to form an impression about the security features of the property – It is really important to remember that with the help of home inspection facilities you can make it a point to gauge the security features. It is indeed essential for you to gauge the security feat7tures related to your home. It is the home inspection procedure that is going to help you a lot in this particular concern.
    • You get to save a lot of money- One of the biggest advantages of home inspection is that you get an occasion or chance to save a great deal of money while purchasing the property. The process of home inspection does come handy to your at the time of getting your house rewired. it does save a great deal of money while purchasing the house and getting it rewired.
    • You can get an occasion for some expert advices- There is one very important aspect to consider. You can get an occasion for some expert advices

    So these are the Advantages of home inspection that you do need to consider before a property purchase situation. You do need to make it a stringent point that you are going to keep an eye on the discussed aspects for sure. It is the home inspection procedure that is going to help you a lot in discovering the real value of the property. So do make it a point that you are going to be careful about it.

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    Real Estate construction in an Eco-Friendly manner

    By cooldude | November 8, 2013

    Real Estate constructionThe exploitation of natural resources has been immense in order to provide housing facilities to the ever increasing population of the world. The destruction of natural resources has been immense and for some it is beyond recovery. The over exploitation has created havoc for Mother Earth. If these no-renewable resources are not taken care of then it will be very difficult to get them back. Thus it is favorable to stick to green real estate so that it helps to recover the earth from the damage that has already been caused to her.

    Thus the major area of concern is the materials that are used in its construction. Such green real estate should be constructed under the strict guidance of the authorities so that all the rules are adhered to and it is harmless. Indoor pollution can be minimized with the help of using green substances such as green furniture, green floorings, recycled carpets etc, everything must be nature friendly. For the flooring you can use bamboo. Bamboo is a fast growing grass and is a renewable source of energy, which can be used in place of wooden flooring. In addition to this other sustainable floorings include linoleum flooring, cork flooring, and stone flooring. Using such items can also help you to get tax benefits from the government and increases the value of your house.

    The back yard of your garden can also help you a lot in energy conservation. You can opt for planting vegetables or some basic fruits. You can also think of creating an eco garden, where you can dump the kitchen waste in compost as use it as a fertilizer for your soil. Insulation of the house helps to pull down the electricity bills. Paints that are used should have low VOC content so that it does not create the problem of off-gassing.

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    Finding good properties to invest in

    By cooldude | October 17, 2013

    property investmentFor first time real estate investors it is very important to understand that finding an income property is not a very easy task but nonetheless must be done for profitable results. The thing with good real estate investments is, they are pretty difficult to find and requires a lot of time and effort. So, if you are thinking of investing in the real estate market and have never done it before then it is important that you look for resources that will help you find good properties to invest in. You will be glad to know that there are ways in which finding good real estate options have be made easier.

    Firstly, you should seek assistance from a real estate expert. Real estate experts are excellent resources; you will just have to make sure that once you decide on working with a particular expert you stick with him and don’t try to dabble with two or three of them at the same time. Apart from real estate experts, builders or developers also come in handy when looking for lucrative properties to invest it and you stand to gain if you develop good rapport with some leading builders and developers of your area.

    Also, when you are looking for good real estate options, you will have to make sure that you know about code violations. Sometimes the local building codes change during ownership and this might put the seller in a tough spot. So, if a building is constructed in a way that does not meet the modified codes, the seller might want to sell it rather than invest in making changes. These properties are usually very good investments. When a property is foreclosed on delinquent loan, the lender purchases the property and it ends up as REO (real estate owned) property. These make good investment options too.

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    How To Prepare For Home Inspection?

    By cooldude | October 4, 2013

    Home InspectionHome inspection becomes a very important aspect when you are planning to get it insured or are planning to sell it to some client. In both the situations you must get your house inspected properly by an home inspection expert. It is your responsibility to ensure that your house is in a good condition when it is inspected. You have to keep in mind that a tiny mistake can really turn out to be difficult for you.

    It will be a wise move on your part to divide your home into important sections- exterior, interior, HVAC system, basement or attic etc and then prepare appropriately for the home inspection that will take place. The exterior section will include your garden, doors, windows, chimneys etc. Ensure that your garden is in a good condition. If any of your door or window needs to be repaired then you must get them repaired before the inspection.

    The interior section would include the different electronic appliances, plumbing system, all your rooms, interior walls etc. Make sure that your house is neat, clean and organized when the home inspector is going to visit your home.
    Basement, attic or crawl space in your home will be inspected by the home inspector for sure. Thus get them clean and check whether the ventilation system in those places is working efficiently or not. The basement must be waterproofed effectively. The lighting in the attic, crwal space or basement should be good as well.

    The heating and cooling system of your home must be top-notch. Upgrade the HVAC system if possible before the final home inspection takes place.

    House inspection is not a regular phenomenon. But once an inspection is done you will get a clear idea regarding the real condition of your home. Inspection can really help you in increasing the cost value of your house.

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    Advantages of metal roofing

    By cooldude | September 6, 2013

    metal roofingFor the past few years metal roofing has become very popular among people who are looking to renovate their house or who are buying a new property. The main reason for that being the striking designs that you get in metal roofing and the various benefits that come with it. Here are some of the advantages of metal roofing discussed below:

    • Once you install a metal roof in your house it is guaranteed that it will last for a long time. If you have already got it installed then you can expect it to last for a minimum of 50 years which is quite a long time. In fact if there are extreme weather conditions then this roof will be the best because it will not deteriorate in quality and will stand strong above the rest.
    • The second benefit is that it looks really beautiful. It has clean and crisp lines that are available in a wide range of colors and also various designs and the best part is, more designs are being introduced. You can choose the pattern you want depending on the house you possess. In fact you will also be able to design the roof like a cedar shake, shingle or vertical seam panels.
    • Another reason why people find metal roofs to be more beneficial is because they don’t have to rip out the old roof. You can just install the metal roof on the previous roof that you had. The ingredient which metal roof is made is also recyclable and it can be used even after its death.
    • Metal roofs are the best insulators and with the concept of energy cost it will also help you to save a lot of money. It is also one of the best options for rainwater harvesting too.

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    Transforming Your House

    By cooldude | August 24, 2013

    Transforming Your HouseA house today is not just about its front elevation or the living room. In this age each of us want a home whose every square inch is incredibly stylish and smart and if the desire is there then why should your house be far behind in terms of visual appeal and sensibility of design?

    We have often seen in movies and magazines that houses are done up exquisitely and sometimes with plush wooden and/or granite finish. Once upon a time, implementing such ideas in our personal homes might have been a distant idea but not anymore. Today you can design your own domiciles just as aesthetically and intelligibly and you might not even have to shell out the big dough. What you have to spend in huge bulks though, is your creative streak. A little creativity here and some personal little touch there will do wonders to a place on which we depend on most for comfort.

    Through convenient purchase options now days it is not difficult to buy designer items, some of which are quite inexpensive. You might want to visit online forums to avail such items that will change the way your abode looks. A vintage umbrella stand, for example, will add that extra something to the otherwise conventional entrance of your house. Or a smart lampshade to highlight a textured wall of your living room will give it the warm and welcoming feeling that it might have been lacking all this time.

    Little things do make a huge difference to the way your house looks. And more often than not, money does not do anything to give a facelift to your four walled cocoon. If you are looking for novelty, it is more probable that you will find it in your mind. So broaden that horizon and start thinking.

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