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    Rain Gutter Cleaning Tips

    By M H | May 23, 2016

    Rain gutter cleaningGutter cleaning is really an important thing. If not cleaned properly it can result into roof damage and that can be very risky. But risk is also involved in cleaning the gutter as you need to climb up the ladder and then clean it. If not taken proper care there is chances of accidents to happen. Rain gutters are usually cleaned during the season of fall. It is preparation before rain and snow. It is not an option, in fact it becomes the necessity because if the rain gutter is not cleaned properly, the rain water will not flow through it in a proper manner and this will result into clogged water. If the water remains stagnant on the roof for longer period of time, it creates pressure on the roof and it can cause roof damage. Thus not cleaning the rain gutters can result into costly repairs thus it is advisable to clean the rain gutters before rain comes and make sure to do it safely. Here are some of the tips for rain gutter cleaning.


    When you are cleaning your rain gutter, you will have to use ladder. While working on the ladder, make sure someone knows and is around you while you are working with the ladder. Use a ladder which is stable and safe. Try to use fiberglass ladder instead of wooden ladder, they are more heavy but still more comfortable and safe to use.

    Try to use a garden hose which has a spray nozzle at its end. If you are using this type of nozzle, it can allow you to use it with just one hand so it is really comfortable. Another benefit of using this type of nozzle is that it can be hung on the front edge of the rain gutter when you are moving the ladder for cleaning or while you are using the gutter scoop. This type of spray nozzle can be available in any home improvement store.

    Scooping the leafy debris out of your roof is one of the best methods to clean out the rain gutters. You can use a plastic scooping tool to get your gutter cleaned up. It is really advisable to not to use metal scoop as it can scratch the bottom of the gutter and it can even damage the roof gutter.

    When it becomes necessary to walk on the roof for cleaning the roof and rain gutter then it is really essential that you use rubber shoes. Those shoes which has rubber soles has a better grip so that it can prevent you from slip and fall and keeps you away from accidents. Roof tops are really moist in the morning and thus it is said to not to walk on the roof in the morning. Walk on the roof when sun is appropriate so that it will dry up all the moisture.

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